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Laser YAG / KTP

A Balanced and radiant complexion Laser YAG / KTP !

At Botealis, we have chosen NdYAg and KTP long pulse lasers, one of the best choices for the treatment of vascular and pigmentary imperfections. The physical characteristics of the NdYag and KTP Laser rays define their excellent absorption by red (hemoglobin) and brown (melanin) pigments present in red blood cells and cutaneous spots. The heat transmitted to these pigments by lasr produce photocoagulation of the vessels as well as a denaturation of melanin.

This Laser allows, with limited sessions, 1 - 3, the removal of :

  • rosacea, small vessels, venules, small angiomas, skin spots, both on the face and the body
  • pigmentary spots on the face, neckline and hands

This laser is almost painless and does not require any downtime:

  • the treated spots disappear within approximately 10 days
  • the action on the vessels are immediate, a rash (skin redness) may occur for two to three days
  • it is recommended not to carry out this treatment during the summer season

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