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Medical peeling for rejuvenated and sparkling skin

The basic principle of any medical peeling is to ‘peel’ the upper layers of the skin, superficially or more profoundly, stimulating its renewal. Therefore, this is the ideal anti-aging procedure whilst being an excellent complement to other aesthetic medical treatments.

The peeling refines the grain of the skin, tighten pores, reduce fine lines, eliminates skin marks and melasma (pregnancy marks), or reduces acne scars .

In aesthetic medicine there exists various types of peelings depending on the desired effect:

Radiance effect : this more superficial peeling can be performed throughout the year. There’s usually very little flaking of the skin, if any it all,  resulting in a more uniform and refined skin complexion. Furthermore, this is also an excellent complementary treatment to mesolift.

Rejuvenation effect: this medium level peeling (with TCA 15%) produces a stronger effect. Moderate flaking appears usually after 2 days. The purpose is to refine the grain of the skin, reduce fine lines or to reduce acne marks. This treatment should not be carried-out during the summer months.

Depigmentation effect: this particular method of peeling, whose formula is optimized for a specialized treatment, targets dark spots and melasma whilst improving the skin’s texture. The ideal period of treatment for this procedure is during autumn and winter.

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