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Cryolipolyse Genève

A long lasting redefined silhouette with Cryolipolyse !

Crylipolysis is an innovative medical treatment consisting of removing unwanted fat deposits by applying cold through the skin in a controlled manner.

This cooling process produces a stress effect on the metabolism and adipocytes (fat cells) which causes their fragmentation during the weeks following the treatment.

According to various studies, a reduction of 25 to 40% of fat deposits is visible after 3 months.

The treated area -  belly, love handles and lower back – is sucked  and cooled by an specific medical device during approximately 45 min.

The results are long lasting as the removed cells are not replaced.

Anyone suffering from Raynaud’s disease should not undergo this treatment

Discomfort is temporary and limited to the treated areas, and may appear in the form of : redness of the skin, skin sensitivity or an ecchymosis due the recent treatment.

One to three sessions may be required within a timeframe of about 2 months.

The pluses of Botealis : boosting the results by combining lipolaser and cryolipolysis !

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